Sacred Art Business Park

Seville. Spain | 2005

Seville City Council

The Sacred Art Business Park in Seville proposes a reinterpretation of an architecture trying to recall the intimate atmosphere in which artisans traditionally worked; a productive and commercial setting reminiscent of the zoco as an urban model typical of the Mediterranean. The project seeks to achieve an historical atmosphere similar to the atavistic district –grouping the spaces and different guilds– which modern city has not been able to preserve.

A configuration of volumes whose grouping comprises a urban fabric with its own identity is proposed. Each volume or building of this configuration is a flexible productive space, constructed out of multiple functional surfaces illuminated according its conceivable use. Each building has a first layer which accommodates the arrival and departure of materials, as well as entrance ways, offices, or individual display areas. Behind these are the real work spaces, diaphanous, properly modulated with five meter grids and adaptable to specific necessities. Inside each building and separating workshops are small patios that provide direct light as well as closets and storage for delicate materials.

The distribution of the buildings creates an urban setting formed by a grid of perpendicular streets. In the intersections two squares of different size are formed, intended for the convenience of the craftsman and the eventual organization of public markets. These two plazas are ornamented only and exclusively with the shade and scent of orange trees. To complete the park, there is a visitor landing center at each end of the main street, as well as an auxiliary building to provide complementary uses, entrance gates to the Sevillian showcase of Sacred Art.


1st Prize | Sacred Art Business Park in Sevilla. Spain | 2005


AV Monografías n. 147-148 | 2011
37º 23′ N 5º 59′ W. Sevilla Contemporánea Arquitectura 2000-2010 | 2011